This is a collection of the better stuff that I've either downloaded or been emailed.

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New Videos

China Airlines: The landing from Hell. - Clicks: 127

Missing Tire: Watch out! - Clicks: 111

Best First Dance: For a wedding. - Clicks: 121

Caveira: I don't know spanish but this is still funny. - Clicks: 120

darwinawardreject1: Ouch! - Clicks: 133

darwinawardreject2: Watch out! - Clicks: 124

darwinawardreject3: Bam! - Clicks: 131

darwinawardreject4: Faster... - Clicks: 135

darwinawardreject5: Hold your breath! - Clicks: 134

Iraqinight: Shoot the terrorists. - Clicks: 118

Power Windows: Now everybody can have them! - Clicks: 116

Santa Mom: Is mom really santa? - Clicks: 117

Saying Goodbye: Some just do it better than others. - Clicks: 122

At Home Testing: Find out now before it's too late! - Clicks: 114

Making a good Taliban: More like making a good target. *Warning-extremely graphic!!! - Clicks: 135

How to lose your job: The wrong way to do an interview. Or is it the wrong person? - Clicks: 128

Scrotum Scrub: A real mans scrub *Do I really have to say it's not for the kids? - Clicks: 124

HammerKing: A very talented juggler. - Clicks: 130

Kitchen Oil Fire: What do do and NOT to do. - Clicks: 127

Glow Stick: How to make your own using Mountain Dew - Clicks: 122

IED: Watch an IED blow up. - Clicks: 125

WTO: A whole day of events in one song. - Clicks: 116

30mm: Watch the bad guys get shot up. - Clicks: 126

217: The One minute painting. Really cool. - Clicks: 117

8-20goodies: CSI like you've never seen before. - Clicks: 133

CopWeed: Dude trips out and calls 911. - Clicks: 110

Model: Model gets laughed at on the news. - Clicks: 138

Mormons: Have you ever wanted to do this to them? - Clicks: 130

Omazing Grace: No more booze for you. - Clicks: 115

Sea World: What happens there, stays there. *Not the best for the kiddies - Clicks: 134

Kite Surfer: Time to pick a new hobby. - Clicks: 127

Taxi Please: Isn't it a bit late for a taxi? - Clicks: 128

Dry Cleaners: When you need your new clothes on now. *Not for the kiddies! - Clicks: 121

Dental Hygienist: Why can't my dentist do this? *Not for the kiddies! - Clicks: 133

Magic Trick: Ok, so how did he do this? - Clicks: 125

Men See Everything: Can you catch it? - Clicks: 117

The Office: How do people like this get hired? - Clicks: 119

Walter's view on marriage: A guy and his dummy talk about marriage. - Clicks: 134

When good cops go bad: Another good prank to pull on people. - Clicks: 123

Spermatozoides: These commercials are just getting out of hand. - Clicks: 111

Alarmorgasmique: An original car alarm. - Clicks: 126

Phone Prank: This one went horribly wrong. - Clicks: 133

Lucky: Lucky guy, close-call accident. - Clicks: 123

Jay Leno: Dealing with the Public Series. - Clicks: 130

Pool Drunk: Never drink and pass out at the pool. - Clicks: 115

Piss: Another potty prank. - Clicks: 118

Best Illusion: This one is different. - Clicks: 134

Moose: A moose in my driveway. - Clicks: 125

Outsourcing: Ok, enough with the outsourcing already! - Clicks: 126

How not to land a Helicopter: Ok, who designed the landing pad area? - Clicks: 138

Bad Date: Or is it? *Not for the kiddies! - Clicks: 87

Battle of New Orleans: Post Katrina. - Clicks: 109

Hilarious Prank: Here kitty kitty. - Clicks: 112

Worlds Most Dangerous Comedian: Or the dumbest. Your call. - Clicks: 89

We Wish You A Merry Christmas: Another guy using his balls to play music. - Clicks: 113

WC-Man: And you think you have a crappy job. - Clicks: 115

Tequila: It helps with all of your problems in life. - Clicks: 115

Stuffed Animals: Never put them in the back window of your car. - Clicks: 94

Santa Claus: A reading of Twas the night before a non-denominational winter holiday. - Clicks: 100

Parachute with Flare Gun: For those of you who think parachuting just isn't exciting enough. - Clicks: 94

Lifeguard: Breaktime. - Clicks: 111

Kissing Prank: These people know how to monkey around. - Clicks: 89

How do you get a cow jealous: But you only have 2 of them! *not for the kiddies. - Clicks: 113

Fruitcake Lady: No beating around the bush with this woman. - Clicks: 97

Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell: You just don't see people dancing like this anymore. - Clicks: 119

Fantastic Machine: Cool music playing machine. - Clicks: 101

Family Feud: Always wear a bra on tv. *not for the kiddies. - Clicks: 89

Dragon Costume: Watch where you put the tail. - Clicks: 84

Dodge Commercial: Pulled on the first day. - Clicks: 120

DeeDeeDee: From Carlos Mencia. (.flv file) - Clicks: 89

Blondes: Don't go on a tv show if you're blonde. - Clicks: 88

911 call: This was made from a joke. - Clicks: 88

Hillary: Who gets the profits in your company? (flv file) - Clicks: 100

TV Commercial: This is the most disgusting commercial I've ever seen! - Clicks: 87

Woomba: This seems like a SNL commercial. - Clicks: 116

3rdWorldBombSquad: What idiots! - Clicks: 91

BMW Crash: Never get out of your car while driving. - Clicks: 88

Ball Bounce: This kid has talent. - Clicks: 95

Birdstrike: Another one bites the dust. - Clicks: 93

Blondestar: If they only had this in cars! - Clicks: 90

Car Commercial: Keep your eye on the car. - Clicks: 85

CNN Weather: Watch the hissy fit. - Clicks: 90

Earthquake: Looks real, is it? - Clicks: 92

Flying Dog: Keep your eye on the dog. - Clicks: 87

Goldfish: Smart fish. - Clicks: 126

Longbow in Iraq: Night video of terrorists getting shot. - *Must See* Clicks: 91

Boy at the beach: Where do these kids come from? - Clicks: 89

MDIS Satelite leaves the earth: Watch earth as it leaves. - Clicks: 99

The Mosstril 5000: Kate Moss vaccuum. - *Must See* Clicks: 85

Office Ball: What every girl needs at work. - Clicks: 85

Parking#1: Don't try this in your own car. - Clicks: 94

Parking#2: Or this either. - Clicks: 90

Police answering machine: What every cop needs. - Clicks: 91

Low loop: Those Navy pilots are the best. - Clicks: 87

Safety glass: Where do they breed these morons? - Clicks: 97

Bomb Drop: Ooops! - Clicks: 92

Star Wars Parody: Very low budget. - This one is by Raymond. Clicks: 92

Balloon: She swallows the whole thing! - *You gotta see this to believe it!* Clicks: 96

Breast Exam: Do it yourself! - Clicks: 90

Bus Dodge: Is this real? - Clicks: 88

Car Jump: On skis. - Clicks: 87

Cat: Caught on fan. - Clicks: 101

Cats: The games they play. - Clicks: 91

Cat Surprise: You just can't trust them. - Clicks: 94

Chupachups: Don't ask. - Clicks: 90

Close Call: One very lucky guy! - Clicks: 98

Don't ever get this drunk: Can you stomach watching this? - Clicks: 92

Extreme BMX: - Clicks: 116

Fallos: Don't ask. Not for the kids! - Clicks: 87

Fanta: Bless you. - Clicks: 95

Glass Door: Watch out. - Clicks: 92

Go-Kart: This is painfull. - Clicks: 91

Ferreri: Great car, lousy driver. - Clicks: 90

Hare gets it: You never feel the one that gets you. - Clicks: 93

Ibrator: If you have to ask, you don't want to watch. - Clicks: 91

Kidstone Vitamins: Every parent should have these! - *Must See!* Clicks: 94

Legos: Best Lego movie I've seen. - Clicks: 99

Medical: Do not marry this woman. - Clicks: 99

Negligence: And you thought only guys were trigger happy. - Clicks: 94

No Seat Belt: Always wear your seat belt! - *Show your kids this one* Clicks: 100

Pool Jump: Ouch. - Clicks: 91

Pull Up!: The crazy things people do. - Clicks: 97

Reptile Attacks: Animals on TV are so fun. - Clicks: 99

Rhino Fun: Someone needs to get this rhino some glasses. - Clicks: 87

SNL-Bassomatic: What every fisherman needs. - Clicks: 100

SNL-Hold Them Boobs: Too bad she didn't have to sneeze. - Clicks: 93

SNL-Bug Off: Get rid of your bugs. - Clicks: 86

SNL-Buh Bye!: Fly the friendly skies with these people. - Clicks: 94

SNL-Chia Hair: Bald isn't so bad after all. - Clicks: 84

SNL-Cluckin Chicken: Don't watch while eating. - Clicks: 87

SNL-Jaws: Knock-knock. - Clicks: 89

SNL-Julia: It's just a flesh wound. - Clicks: 93

SNL-New Schimmer: Floor wax or Desert topping? - Clicks: 95

SNL-Swill: Thirsty? - Clicks: 88

Steelers: Bird gets it. - Clicks: 124

Stoppie1: Idiots on motorcycles. - Clicks: 92

Stoppie2: More idiots. - Clicks: 91

Tech Blooper: Ooops. - Clicks: 87

Tie-Wars: A good Star Wars Parody. - Clicks: 91

Today Show Flash: Live TV can be fun. - Clicks: 100

Storm Troopers: Done COPS style. - Clicks: 92

Truck Surfing: The national sport for morons. - Clicks: 93

How to fold a T-Shirt: Different. - Clicks: 95

Viagra: Like you've never seen it before. - Clicks: 95

Women in waiting room: Has this ever happened to you? - Not for the kids. Clicks: 90

Wormsy: From the game Worms. - Clicks: 91

Darth Vader calls the Emperor. - *This is great!* Clicks: 114

Big Deck: Jeff Foxworthy and pals. - Clicks: 119

Kangaroo: You just never know what they're going to do. - Clicks: 104

Mentos: Another experiment with Mentos. - Clicks: 86

Waterfuel: Will this replace gas? - Clicks: 119

Criss Angel: Watch what he does to this girl. - Clicks: 112

Latte: With service like this, I'm going to start drinking coffee! *Not for the kiddies!* - Clicks: 94

Letterman on Bill Gates: Letterman gets back at Bill Gates - Clicks: 119

Soup Commercial: Seek help if this describes you. - Clicks: 117

Magic: Good magician. - Clicks: 94

Magic: Watch him pull apart the girl! - Clicks: 116

Cop Cam: Watch the cop get a clip emptied on him. - Clicks: 93

Columbine Massacre: Intense video of the shootings. From school security system. *Viewer Discretion Advised! - Clicks: 88

Song for Employees: Sing this one at work and see what happens. - Clicks: 116

Musical Horns: One real horny guy. - Clicks: 96

Metalstorm: A new type of gun system. - Clicks: 96

Couple in bed: Just what you want to hear other people say. *Not for the kiddies!* - Clicks: 92

Budweiser Tribute: 9/11 tribute. - Clicks: 96

Lemonade Prank: Always buy your lemonade bottled. - Clicks: 118

Anti-Dem ad by Zucker: Banned from YouTube, this vid is a parody of Kim Jong, terrorists and the Democratic policies. ***A must see!!! (This is a .flv file) - Clicks: 100

Assholes: From Spaceballs, see the movie if you can! - Clicks: 93

Bill O'Reilly: Clip of him reading his mail. - Clicks: 90

Courage the Dog: Cleans his eyes. - Clicks: 96

Courage the Dog: Gets blown up. - Clicks: 91

Courage the Dog: Screams. Just love the way he screams! - Clicks: 95

Comb the desert: From Spaceballs. Don't take everything too literally. - Clicks: 89

Mattress Ranch: Low budget commercial from Alaska. - Clicks: 88

I'm the President!: From Spaceballs, the President loses it. - Clicks: 94

Schwartz: From Spaceballs, how big is your schwartz? - Clicks: 98

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