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Well, how do you all like the new look? Now that I have a "real" site, I can upload full sized pics and movies. I'm going to have a photo gallery with a bunch of our good pics. I'm not sure if I'll do them by year or location. I'm learning some programming stuff (Javascript & Php) so hopefully I'll have some nice features. It'd be nice if I could pull images from our webcam outside. Take a look around and don't be afraid to click on things. I do have an unusual sense of humor.

Dear Diary,

What a name for this section, eh? This is for the latest news and stuff.

6/11/06- Raymond is almost done with Basic Training. He's doing good. He's designed the groups flag and made Sharpshooter. Well, we all know he can use a gun better than anything else. It looks like he'll be staying in Chicago for tech school. Bummer. He was supposed to go to Vegas. What the heck is in Chicago to see?

6/21/06- Raymond graduates from Naval Basic Training on Friday. He'll be staying in Chicago/Great Lakes for a few more months of training. Congratulations Raymond!

7/20/06- It's an Aircraft Carrier! Raymond is getting stationed on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)!!!

This is just soooo cool!!!

9/16/06-The USS Stennis left port and is out at sea. Raymond can't call out at sea so we don't know how much fun he is having! He should have his camera soon and I'll put the pics up as soon as we get them. The weather is getting colder and the leaves are falling. If you click on 'Webcam' on top you'll see my driveway. The image is updated every 15 minutes. Wow! Ok, so it's not that exciting but you can at least see the weather up here.


11/03/06- What happened to global warming? It's freezing up here! It was 8 degrees this morning. Raymond got a tattoo. I'll post pics when I get them. I just applied for another position at my work. And if you haven't seen this pic, here it is.

And this interesting video:

This is Raymond on Modern Marvels aboard the USS Stennis:

And guess who got a new tat?

1/16/07- Guess who has a girlfriend? Christopher and Taz sitting in a tree...

1/16/07- Guess what Raymond just bought. A sniper rifle, an M24 338.

Is anybody surprised? Really!

1/28/07- Cancel that last one. The licenses and registration fees are killer on this. He's going to find something more affordable.

Tundra now has a Sunday strip! Yeah!!! Check out his site. He's a great guy, always out at the mall or the State Fair working hard for your money. He does custom artwork too! I think the Navy even hired him for some work.

1/31/07- A recent pic of us.

I moved the older stuff to another page. Click on Old News at the top to view it.

We had a moose walk by car, check out the vid.

3/2/07- Raymond's ship is now in the Arabian Sea.

3/20/07- Another moose in our driveway Did I mention it's been freezing up here?

5/3/07- We painted Jordans room orange. Cool, eh?

5/3/07- A moose walking in front of our house.

5/13/07- Happy Mothers day everyone! I've noticed that I have a returning visitor from Mt. Laurel in New Jersey. I've seen this place on my log several times now. No problem, but just kinda curious who you are. I have a clue but it's mostly a guess. Please drop me an email and say 'Hi!' (the actual city you live in 'might' be different than what you live in depending on your isp. Please don't be shy! (This actually applies to everyone too. Let me know what you like/dislike about my site.) I'm thinking about putting up some family history with pics and all. Anybody interested?

5/23/07- I uploaded some more pics. Ashley had a dance recital and Jordan lost two of his front teeth. I'll get a pic of that soon. You might have to right-click on the movie below to play. You can download the original here.

6/7/07- This is Ashley and Autumn practicing at dance.

6/9/07- Jordon and his missing teeth.

8/6/07- Update on Raymond. He's out of the Middle east and has been to Singapore and Hong Kong. He met this girl and spent a lot of time dancing with her.

8/11/07- Some pics. Michele baked a cake for a co-worker of mine who had a motorcyle accident. A cool flower. And there was a bear in our tree at work. Ashley took the pictures, It was pretty cool to watch!

9/6/07- We're back! Check the links above for our Hawaii pics!!

10/7/07- It snowed today. What happened to 'global warming'?

10/13/07- Raymond got a letter from his gal pal in Hong Kong. Check out how much postage it costs! Some fall pics too.

10/24/07- Ashley's School picture.

10/28/07- Here are the results of my 'Jedi test'.

how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen

11/01/07- Out of curiosity I took this stupid test.

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My Liberal Identity:

You are an Eco-Avenger, also known as an environmentalist or tree hugger. You believe in saving the planet from the clutches of air-fouling, oil-drilling, earth-raping conservative fossil fools.

11/11/07- Michele is back home and she's doing fine. Raymond will be back on Tuesday on terminal leave from the Navy.

11/13/07- Raymond is back home! Here's pics of his jacket. I know, take a picture of his jacket and not him, what a lousy father!!!

12/13/07- Michele got rear-ended, looks like the van will be totalled. And Raymond got a new 'toy'.(seek help)

1/9/08- Our laptop got stolen recently. But we did get the dvd of Ashley's Nutcracker. I'll be putting some small clips here.

1/13/08- Christopher and I saw America in concert Friday. If they come to your town go see them, they put on a good show. Here a few vids I've taken recently- Moose while driving, Lights polarizing, and Raymond with his girlfriend.

2/8/08- Still no word on those thieves. Check out what my website is worth. Any takers?

This website is worth
What is your website worth?

2/10/08- Check out this cool vid of a moose walking down the sidewalk.

2/19/08- Guess what? Raymond's girlfriend is pregnant! I'm looking forward to seeing him have to put up with a kid just like him.

4/27/08- We had a record snowfall Friday. Just when it looked like Spring was here! At 15.5 inches, it was the third biggest snowfall in one day!

5/10/08- Antoine graduated yesterday!

5/10/08- An immature Bald Eagle we saw the other day.

5/10/08- Raymond's new place. Obviously, the labor union is on strike.

5/10/08- Raymond bought a Water Dragon. Kinda cool, eh?

5/10/08- We have a guy that likes to dance for everyone. Now he has company. Odd, eh?

5/10/08- A video of the Bald Eagle flying.

Other Notes:

Ok, ok, I've had enough snow already! It'll be June before it all melts!.

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