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My pics can be found here, and Christophers here.

We left from Anchorage on the 18th courtesy of the ol' red eye (767).

We got off the plane early in the morning and then humidity was the first thing we noticed! We went to the hotel, dropped off the luggage had breakfast and went to the beach.

Not much of a beach. The sand hurt my feet, I couldn't go in the water without shoes because of the sharp coral they have. The do have a walled off section for the kiddies that have no coral and soft imported sand. The beaches in the panhandle of Florida are much better! The only thing better about this one is the surf.

We walked down the beach then asked which bus will take us to Diamond Head. They said 'Bus 14'. We wait and take Bus 14 and all it did was take us through the residential areas. We then got on another bus to go to Pearl Harbor. But that bus went onto the Air Force Base and we didn't have the proper ID to get on so we got off the bus. The Security guy said that the bus will be back in about 20 minutes or so. We went to the bus stop and waited. Got bored after a minute and went to take a picture across the street. Once we got over there the bus came by us and left us stranded. Great. We get the wrong bus again and people can't tell the difference between 5 and 20 minutes. We walked and found another bus that finally took us to the Memorial. We went on the USS Bowfin (submarine). It was very interesting. If you ever get a chance to go on one, do it.

Christophers favorite sub.

We went to the Arizona Memorial.

We went to the Pacific Aviation Museum but there wasn't much to see. We didn't get to see the battleship because the place closes at 5:00 on Sunday so we got a rain check. If people would tell us the right bus number in the first place.... Our waiter that night said they like to get us tourists lost. Something about we spend more money that way. Beautiful! I did notice that people become much more friendlier when they find out you're from Alaska. I guess that we are both like step-children in a sense.

This is our long range radar system for Alaska. It's in the dock for repairs/upgrades. Notice how much taller it is than the carrier to the left?

The people seem to have run out of ideas for naming things.

I think I found out where their marketing department works.

Movie: The warning at the end is only played when you're in China Town. Odd, no?

They had some idiot wearing a moosehead to hand out flyers. Are they trying to appeal to Alaskans?

We tried going to the battleship on Monday but didn't get there until 4:00. Unfortunately, it closes at 3:00. Who'd thought it closes that early on weekdays during tourist season?

It's me in front of the infamous USS John C. Stennis! I'm sunburnt and sore as heck from all the walking. Note to self- rent a car next time.

Movie: This is us leaving Pearl Harbor.

The three of us.

Movie: Some helicopter demo.

Movie: Raymond does Karaoke. It's a real short song. What makes it funny is the lyrics.

They had lots of stuff for us to see and do. Like this cool cyrogenics display. They took a room-temp freeze pop and put it in the liquid nitrogen for about 30 seconds and it was frozen solid. The bad part was that it changed the taste.

Movie: Cyrogenics info.

Movie: This is what it looks like when the planes land.

Foosball was always popular.

Movie: Big Glove Boxing. Raymond vs Christopher.

Movie: Boxing, Part 2.

The beds were cramped. Ever wonder what a slice of bread feels like in a toaster? I stopped having panic attacks after the second night.

Speaking of food, read the label on the egg crystals package. Yup, 54% cholesterol!

I really have got to work on my 'tough guy' pose!

Movie: From the aft end of the ship. Listen closely to what Christopher is saying.

Movie: A flyby.

Movie: Some 500 lb bombs dropped on the water.

Movie: An F-18 does a supersonic pass! Don't miss this one!

Movie: One of our ships firing the 5" guns. (not as loud as the sonic boom)

Movie: Firing the .50 cal guns.

Movie: Yet more .50 cal gunfire. Just in case you didn't get enough.

Movie: More .50 cal gunfire. Notice the tracer rounds.

Movie: You'd never guess what this is. Good tracer round viewing on this one.

Movie: Dueling guns.

Movie: The 20mm gun fires this time. Doesn't sound as cool as the .50 cal.

Try not to laugh too hard!

We went by another carrier (USS Ronald Reagan) on the way to the dock in San Diego.

Movie: Sumo wrestling! Looks like fun!!

Movie: More wrestling.

Here I am 'working my corner' in San Diego.

Due to budget cuts we're down to one airplane.

Movie: Some whales. Windy day too.

Movie: We get to ride up the elevator. Whee!!!

Movie: Christophers movie of the elevator ride.

Christopher picked the right shirt for this pose!

Movie: We did two 360 degree turns in a row. Odd.

This is us going to Bremerton. Are we close enough to the houses or what?

Movie: Docking in Bremerton.

Movie: Our welcoming committee.

We took the ferry to Seattle. Christopher slept while Raymond read the book I got him.

Seattle had all different types of these pigs. Strange city.

I remember seeing this dead guy when I was a kid. He hasn't changed a bit.

We ran into these folks by the Space Needle. They had a few anti-war protesters too.

Finally! On the plane home to Anchorage!!!

And the airline saved the best for last- they lost my luggage. It wound up going to New Jersey. Better it than me I s'pose.

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