This is a collection of my 3D renderings and animations.

Sometimes I get an idea about something, or just want to see what I can do.


This was created in Poser, then exported to LuxRender through Reality3. One of these days I'm going to a series with this set. This is a png pic with no background. Sometimes it's nice to insert a non-rendered background for added realism. I was curious to see what a 2nd set would look like. I used a cartoon shader for this effect. I used a fur shader for the skin to make her look more like an alien. An alien doesn't really have to have clothes, right? I'm not sure if it's much better without the human hair. Something like Lady Godiva. This is the standard renderer in Daz3d. This is using the new Iray renderer. Part of a series I worked on. I was just trying a different angle and lighting. I got tired of all those Hump Day pics so I created an anti-hump day pic. The lion is supposed to be attacking the bear so get your mind out of the gutter. Notice the logo is on the lion itself? Yeah, that was easy. Am I the only one that wonders what Middle Earth type characters would do if they were in our country? I created the can in Hexagon and added the UV map, the exported to Daz3d. Yeah, it needs more polygons, but not bad for my first UV mapped object .



I did an animation with this character. She doesn't have a name, just Forest Girl for now. My cheesy humor. Someone has to make fun of those gecko commercials.


I'd never do anything like that.



Just something I randomly put together and looked good.


I took a picture of Jordan and pasted it over the UV map and rendered it. The coloring is off, but it is interesting, no?




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