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1/4/20- Happy New Year!

1/2/18- Some 3d art I created in Daz3d.

1/20/13- Photos for 2012 are all uploaded, yay! I created a directory for Alexis, and will do Alfred when I get some time. Raymond is still cooking, Christopher is still in college, Ashley is in Texas with her husband Steven, Jordan is still Jordan. Alexis is with Raymond, Ashley is pregnant and is having a girl, and Alfred is doing well.

11/6/11- Looks like my semi-annual update time again. Raymond still working as a cook and trying to get his daughter back. He saw Nicolas Cage at his restaurant, didn't call us so we could see him. Christopher got a job at a Credit Union and is still in College. Ashley moved to Texas, she's a cashier at Wal-Mart. Jordan is still in school and doing well. We went to Denali Park and saw all sorts of animals, you can find the pics in the Pictures page.

4/8/11- Wow, haven't updated this in forever. Hope everyone is ok. I still put pics on here now and then. My scanner doesn't work with Windows 7 so no new negative scanning until I get another scanner. And in other news... Raymond is working at a nice restaurant doing what he likes. Christopher is still in college and is engaged. Not sure when they'll tie the knot. Ashley went into the Army National Guard in November, got booted out in February. And last month she ran away, flew to Texas with her married fiance. Brilliant, eh? Jordan is doing well in school. Michele is doing much better and I'm still kicking. I'll try to get some recent pics up this weekend.

7/4/10- Happy 4th of July! Recent pics follow:

Keys please!

Cartoon from Tundra (Chad Carpenter)


Buy his warez or he'll go back to singing and playing the accordion!

Other Notes:

Work, play, sleep, repeat....

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